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The outstanding performance of the bicycle industry What inspiration does aluminum processing bring?

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The People’s Daily recently launched a series of reports on “seeking opportunities for transformation in crisis”, aiming to start from small cuts such as an industry, an industrial cluster, and a platform to show the active actions of China’s manufacturing industry, turning crises into opportunities, and promoting high-quality development. practice. Among them, it analyzed and discussed the contrarian growth of the bicycle industry.

   The report pointed out that bicycles, which are "old things" for people traveling, experienced a year-on-year increase of 13.6% in industry profits during the period from January to May. In May alone, the output of bicycle products increased by nearly 45% year-on-year. Behind the revitalization of bicycles, in fact, to a certain extent, it also opened a new direction for the development of the aluminum processing industry.

   From the point of view of material, aluminum alloy has the characteristics of lightness, smallness and high strength. The improvement of aluminum alloy technology has obvious advantages in the application of bicycle structure and function. Not only can it give users a high-end texture and a good riding experience, but it can also give better play to the advantages and value of the bicycle itself. In foreign countries, even new types of aluminum alloy smart bicycles have been launched on the market. This is undoubtedly a new attempt for aluminum applications.

   In addition, it is worth mentioning that different aluminum processing technologies bring unique innovations in product applications. According to the report, a Phoenix brand healthy bicycle has attracted attention as soon as it was launched. Its attraction is that it adds an antibacterial coating to the entire body, while the grip and saddle are made of new antibacterial materials to ensure long-term outdoor use and have an antibacterial effect. Up to two years. "Anti-bacterial bicycles" are also a new market "surprise" in the pursuit of a green and healthy life today.

  Aluminum Screening Editor This time, I actually hope to take the development and transformation of the bicycle industry as an example, and emphasize the importance of aluminum processing enterprises in thinking about their own development. Throughout the bicycle industry, behind the realization of new models, new products, and new services, there is no shortage of areas for aluminum processing companies to think and learn. For example, from passively moving to the front line to actively embracing live broadcast, from sticking to its own territory to boldly cross-border innovation, from focusing on traditional functions to opening up industrial space... All of these are the traditional aluminum processing industry moving towards a new era of aluminum processing The key "strategy" of the industry.

  Demand comes from life. The product development and innovation of aluminum processing companies need to truly understand the industry and market changes, seize opportunities, refine internal skills, build the foundation with quality, improve product performance, and enhance their core competitiveness.